Tech Stack Brewing

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When we set out to create Tech Stack Brewing, it all started with a simple idea: What if you combined the world of tech with beverages? As technology professional ourselves, we wanted to build something that took inspiration from our favorite tech tools to make the best beer around.

We seek to build a fun and inviting community. Something that tech folks would identify with and find enjoyment. There's something special about making new friends at a conference or getting to know coworkers better. Our goal is to connect people together through shared community and delicious beverages.

The Brewery

As a newly formed business (founded in 2022), we have partnered with our friends at Eventide Brewing to get our first batch of beers brewed to our exact specification. Located off the Beltline in Grant Park, Atlanta, we felt that Eventide is the perfect partner to get our beverages from grain to storeshelves. If you're in the area, be sure to check them out!

While Atlanta, GA will always be our home market, we have plans to one day open tap rooms and work with retailers across the country. Be sure to check back here for more information as we move forward with our future plans!

Code of Conduct

At Tech Stack Brewing, our mission is to bridge the worlds of technology and beverages. We seek to create a culture where everyone is welcomed and encourage of balance of work-life and social-life between friends, peers, coworkers and colleagues.